Smart Network | Innovative Hotel
Solution Highlights

Unified & centralized management (SNC)

Proactive SMS/E-mail alert (SNC)

Top wireless vendor in China

Adopted by 5,000+ large & medium-sized hospitality users

X-sense zero-deadzone coverage

Pre-ax interference resistance technology

Exclusive PPSK authentication for staff

Patented NFPP technology for automatic attack isolation

Integrated Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) feature

Visualized Wi-Fi experience (WIS)

One-click optimization (WIS)

Mobile App for troubleshooting (WIS)

FREE AI-based Wireless Intelligent Service (WIS)

Out-of-box advanced enterprise feature included

AI-based wireless optimization

Patented smart antenna -- X-sense

VSU switching virtualization

SNC unified management

4D Hospitality Solution Architecture
Leading Technology
Major Components

FREE Public Cloud Service

One-click Wireless Optimization

Cloud Site Survey for Deployment Planning

Smart Mobile Apps for Provisioning and

11ac Wave2 with Integrated Smart Antenna

Concurrent Dual Radio / Tri Radio Options

Built-in Bluetooth iBeacon

Max Concurrent Users: 512

Wall Plate Design

11ac Wave2, Concurrent Dual Band (2.4G+5G)

Upto 1 GE + 4 FE Ports

Replaceable Cover Plate

802.11ac/802.11ac Wave2 Superior Wireless

Built-in Smart Antenna (Optional External
Antenna) & Lightning Arrester

Outstanding Environmental Adaptability (IP67,

Max Concurrent Users: 512

28/48*GE + 4/8 10G SFP+

Upto 64K MAC Address

Redundant Power Supply Module Design

Patented VSU Network Virtualization

Built-in with Advanced Layer 3 Routing &
SDN Features

8/24/48*GE+ 2/4*SFP(or 2/4*SFP+)


Patented NFPP Network Protection

Upto 6KV Lightning Protection

Anti-Corrosion Design

Smart Flow Control & AAA Integration

Integrated IPsec VPN Firewall

Traffic Analysis

Integrated Storage for Internet Audit

Unified Management (AP & SW)

RF Management & Security Control

Operation & Monitoring

E-mail & SMS Alert

International Market Success Cases
Commercial Chain Success Cases
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